Sunday, January 24, 2010

Olya Volotko Modeling a Bella Rose Gown at the Boulevard Steakhouse

Bouquet by Camden Maxwell at Emerson Events and Design

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One of my favorite photos...

In 2007 we went on a family vacation to the Motocross of Nations held at Budd's Creek, Maryland. While we were there we spent most of our time sightseeing around Washington DC. Our walking tour took us to all the best tourist spots like the White House, the Capitol building, the Smithsonian, Arlington...everywhere.

While we were walking up the steps to the Lincoln Memorial I had a little chat with Jeff, my youngest, about being quiet and respectful while we were inside the memorial.

At the time Jeff was 11, going on 12, and he was, and still is, a ball of energy. He's the funniest kid I've ever known and he operates on the motto, "If you laugh, I'm off the hook." This is especially hard on a parent like me, because the kid makes me laugh all the time.

So we're in the Lincoln Memorial and I broke off from the family to shoot some photos. I was off to the side of Lincoln, looking back at the statue, shooting through the pillars. In the lower left corner of the frame I spotted a small figure running towards a pillar at full speed. I knew right away it was Jeff, but I held down the button anyway and got a sequence of him doing a footplant off the pillar.

In my loudest whisper I yelled "JEFF, what are you doing?"

"A footplant" he replied.

I laughed.

"You laughed, I'm off the hook!"